Massage With Carl

Strong Hands and a Caring Touch

My massage therapy sessions are specially tailored to your individual needs and incorporate many different styles of techniques, pampering
you with a sensational feeling of balance and total relaxation.  I have been professionally trained, certified and loving doing massage for over 10 years. Massage is a very sensual experience and I am very comfortable with all ages, body shapes and sizes and it would be my pleasure to work on you with strong hands and a caring sensual touch. This is about you getting a really great massage, the w
ay you want it.

Same day appointments sometimes will work out, but it is best to plan ahead if you can.

I also specialize in Hands-On Spa and Wellness vacation excursions. Spa and Wellness vacations are excellent way of emotional healing, stress relief, personal development and mental clarity. For more information check out my
Travel Page.

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I am available for massage at my relaxing private location in Palm Springs, or at my hotel when traveling.

All men welcome!
Please email, call or text me for an appointment 760-307-4633

Thanks for visiting & I look forward to serving you soon!
Carl CMT
(Certified Massage Therapist)